Energy & Utilities

Organizations operating within the rapidly changing energy and utilities space face a market that’s more volatile than ever. Leaders are tasked with a more complex operating environment that seemingly changes day to day.


As the complexity increases, companies need strong leaders to not only provide the vision and strategy for an ever-changing energy environment, but also to ensure employees are kept safe, regulatory hurdles are met, compliance is maintained, and relationships with the communities they operate within are kept strong. In addition, higher expectations for sustainability, a global focus on renewable power, and the integration of new technologies only add to the complexity of their roles.    


Refine Search has indepth experience recruiting these leaders for some of the biggest energy and utility companies in the country. Many are providing the leadership that is guiding these organizations through the complexities of today’s environment and setting their organizations up to tackle their future challenges. 


Even within the same industry, leadership roles can vary drastically. Refine Search understands those nuances and specializes in recruiting for several in-demand functional areas.

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