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The building products industry is as dynamic as it’s ever been. As more and more competition builds, companies are seeking competitive advantages to gain market share. Products are becoming more advanced, with technology like IoT, AI, and data analytics opening up new markets and areas of growth. These innovations help customers run their businesses more effectively, keep employees safe, and increase profitability. At the same time, successful building products companies are strategizing around evolving safety standards, the push for greater sustainability, and a changing customer journey. These businesses rely on their leadership to navigate these shifts in the market and capitalize on appropriate trends.


Refine Search has a long history of successfully recruiting forward-thinking leaders in the building products space that are helping their organizations change and evolve. With a strong knowledge of the nuances in this industry and a trusted network connected to the brightest minds, we’re uniquely positioned to bring you the leaders who are right for your business.

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When you’re running a business, it can be hard to keep track of all the exciting developments in building products. Since we love to stay in tune with industry activity, it makes sense to share with you what we’re experiencing and what insights we’re uncovering in the sector. Just select an article below and be sure to come back again – we’ll be updating this list often!

What Sales Professionals Need to Know About Trends in Building Products

With the global building products market on pace to reach $49 billion by 2025, there’s no doubt that the sector is shifting quickly. Specifically, there are a number of construction trends that are changing what contractors and architects are looking for when purchasing building products.


A Look at Exciting Emerging Technology Trends in Building Products

In 2016 there was $352 million of venture capital investment in private construction technology companies. Within two years, that number was $6 billion. There are many exciting technologies to pay attention to, led by IoT innovations that improve efficiency and safety.

Exploring Marketing Trends in the Building Products Industry

The most successful building products manufacturers are capitalizing on specific marketing trends to best support their sales. These companies are setting an example for others in the industry to follow.


How Refine Search Built a Partnership with a Global Building Products Company to Transform Their Sales Force

A billion-dollar global building products manufacturer recognized their need to transform their sales force as their business and products became more complex. They needed sales professionals who were strong at “hunting” for business and were adept at selling more technically complex products. See how we placed 23 key individuals while maintaining a 96% retention rate.


Even within the same industry, leadership roles can vary drastically. Refine Search understands those nuances and specializes in recruiting for several in-demand functional areas.

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