Geotechnical Engineering

Analyzing the behavior and stability of rock and soil is a complex task, and it’s one that continues to evolve with new innovations. Whether it’s soil-based complications arising from glacial history, instability from seismic activity, coastal or riparian erosion, or building or drilling in unstable soils, geotechnical engineering is in demand.


Refine Search has been there, working with some of the best firms to deliver top engineering talent and the leaders who will grow their business. When it comes to any geotechnical engineering specialty, including marine, mining, municipal, or bridge and tunnel engineering, we know the people who can get the job done.

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When you’re running a business, it can be hard to keep track of all the exciting developments in geotechnical engineering. Since we love to stay in tune with industry activity, it makes sense to share with you what we’re experiencing and what insights we’re uncovering in the sector. Just select an article below and be sure to come back again – we’ll be updating this list often!

Geotechnical Engineering Trends and Projects Driving Industry Demand

In recent years, we’ve seen billions of dollars invested in many notable projects. Uncover trends in coastal, riparian, commercial, energy, and infrastructure construction and discover why this industry continues to have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

Refine Search Announces New Geotechnical Engineering Recruiting Practice

After decades of forming strong partnerships in other sectors, Refine Search is applying our best practices to geotechnical engineering. We’ve already worked with some of the top geotechnical engineering firms in the country, ones solving complex issues related to unstable soil, erosion, and much more.


Even within the same industry, leadership roles can vary drastically. Refine Search understands those nuances and specializes in recruiting for several in-demand functional areas.

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