Refine Search Announces New Geotechnical Engineering Recruiting Practice

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Refine Search, a Denver-based leadership recruiting firm, has announced the launch of their new geotechnical engineering practice area. This addition to the firm’s recruiting specialties comes after decades of successfully forming strong partnerships with companies and job seekers in several other sectors.

“Geotechnical engineering is an exciting industry to recruit in,” shared Mike Whillock, Partner and Co-Founder of Refine Search. “We’ve been increasingly working in engineering and, combined with our deep background in oil and gas, it was a natural progression to focus on this specialty.”

Prior to launching the new practice area, Refine Search already worked with some of the top geotechnical engineering firms in the country. These organizations actively solve complex issues related to building on unstable soils or dealing with coastal erosion, landslides, rock falls, bridge destabilization, and more.

Refine Search is able to secure the right managers, directors, and VPs for businesses through their proven 3-point sourcing strategy based on research, marketing, and candidate qualification. This works in tandem with Refine Search’s overall process of discovering role requirements, planning a go-to-market strategy, sourcing candidates, overseeing hiring, and providing dedicated follow-up.

The firm also helps a job seeker connect with the right role that will progress their career. Whether that position is in Denver or across America, Refine Search recruiters focus on creating meaningful relationships that benefit all parties.

“It takes an incredible amount of knowledge and skill to build in difficult terrain or to construct buildings that can withstand today’s severe weather,” commented Mason Smith, Partner and Co-Founder of Refine Search. “Geotechnical engineering makes that possible. The industry has a bright future ahead of it.”

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