Recruiting strong talent for the operations function provides a crucial differentiator that positions a company for growth and increases the likelihood of success.


True leaders in operations have backgrounds grounded in proven, best practices. These are professionals who can help their companies adapt to market changes while improving efficiency, quality, and the timeliness of product or service delivery. Continuous improvement is a priority to operations leaders, especially for those who are well-versed in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. They have a significant impact on a business, whether it is through engineering, plant management, or other specialized skill sets.


Through deep market knowledge and by staying connected to a vast network of operations professionals, Refine Search is uniquely positioned to recruit the right leader for your business. The best candidates in this area are not active job seekers. Rely on our proven ability to quickly pinpoint the best minds and bring them under your roof.

Expertise in:

  • Vice President of Operations
  • General Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Operations Director
  • Production/Operations Superintendent
  • Regional Operations Manager


Not all sales and marketing roles have the same responsibilities. We understand the trends that set your arena apart because we are authorities in recruiting for several industries.

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