Manager of Technical Services

Manager of Technical Services focused on the areas below.


Position Summary:

  • Design and develop manufacturing processes for products, taking into consideration problems inherent in the transfer of technology from research to manufacturing. Such design and development may include new or revised processes.
  • Develop procedures for product commercialization.
  • Conduct tests and measurements throughout stages of production to determine control over applicable variables; troubleshoot and solve production process problems with processes or equipment already in operation.



  • Lead a team of 4-5 scientists, taking accountability for their development and growth within the company.
  • Develop and evaluate quality, systems and equipment to ensure reliability and compliance with company standards and governmental regulatory requirements.
  • Investigate/troubleshoot validation problems for systems and/or performance processes; conduct statistical analyses of testing results and process anomalies; write, review, approve and/or execute documentation for new and current validation procedures and technical reports related to systems, products and/or processes.
  • Investigate equipment related process deviations and ensure that corrective measures meet acceptable reliability standards.



  • Understanding of compliance, pharmaceutical, pharmacological, and commercial factors.


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