Director of Engineering

Director of Engineering focused on the areas below.


Position Summary:

  • Reports to a Vice President and manages a team of 40 people with 5 managers reporting directly to the role.
  • Provides the strategic leadership and direction for multiple engineering groups with multiple engineering and design disciplines.
  • Ensures design estimate accurately cover actual costs and the work is completed timely, on budget and properly accounted.



  • Responsible for the effective and efficient utilization of resources with emphasis on safety, cost reduction/control, reliability and compliance with regulations.
  • Develops, approves and manages annual expense resource budgets.
  • Leads and directs the annual planning process for the department by setting goals and objectives that align with corporate goals and objectives.
  • Anticipates and positions the organization to meet future business requirements in a fast changing and competitive environment.



  • Strong technical knowledge and a broad background of experience, not just strictly engineering.
  • A business and political savviness used to create, sell, and drive ideas and initiatives.
  • Experience developing managers into strong leaders.
  • Exceptional leadership skills, operations experience, and knowledge of federal and state regulations.


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