Director, Gas Transmission Operations

Director, Gas Transmission Operations focused on the areas below.


Position Summary:

  • Responsible to direct the overall gas transmission operations, gas plants, gas fields, and gas control for the company systems.
  • Accountable for implementation of organizational policies, attainment of organizational goals and objectives with emphasis on employee/public safety and service reliability, fiscal responsibility, and anticipating and positioning the organization to meet future business needs in a changing competitive environment.
  • Provides visionary and strategic leadership to achieve customer, investor, and employee satisfaction.



  • Responsible for the effective and efficient utilization of resources with emphasis on safety, customer satisfaction, reliability, and compliance with regulations.
  • Develops, approves, and manages annual and long-term expense budgets.
  • Provides clear communication of the organizational vision, mission, objectives, and roles to employees and leaders. Engages workforce and develops employees in achievement of company goals.
  • Optimizes system operations for maximum profitability and minimum customer gas cost, coordinating system maintenance with engineering, operations and gas supply.
  • Responsible for building, maintaining, and improving ongoing relationships with internal and external organizations and stakeholders.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Business or a combination of education and experience providing equivalent knowledge. MBA preferred.
  • 10 years of experience in gas transmission operations.
  • 5-8 years middle management experience.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of gas systems, industry best practices, and applicable codes and regulations.


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