Author: Mike Whillock

The Unique Nature of the Geotechnical Engineering Industry: A Conversation with John Hollander, CPO of GeoStabilization International


Recruiting the right person for your company is always a challenge. In a niche industry like geotechnology engineering, that challenge is only amplified. To learn more, we spoke to John Hollander, Chief People Officer at GeoStabilization International and a man who I have worked with for over a decade across multiple industries. Mike Whillock: It’s […]


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What Sales Professionals Need to Know About Trends in Building Products


With the global building products market on pace to reach $49 billion by 2025, there’s no doubt that the sector is shifting quickly. Specifically, there are a number of construction trends that are changing what contractors and architects are looking for when purchasing building products. To get to the bottom of these trends and pinpoint […]


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What Utility Providers Can Learn from Customer Evolution


All businesses strive to be customer-centric. But faced with mounting consumer expectations, disruptive technologies, and new competition at every turn, providing a satisfying customer experience is increasingly difficult to achieve. The game is changing, and utility providers that don’t adapt risk being left behind. We break down how you can rise to meet your growing […]


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