Completed and Ongoing Searches

Refine Search has a long history of providing executives to a number of prominent companies in various industries.

Human Resources


Refine Search has spent the last 15 years cultivating an understanding of HR functions and has led talent acquisition for numerous Fortune 500 companies. We’ve worked in HR and have recruited top HR professionals, so we know what good looks like and have seen the impact a great HR team can have on an organization.



The Utilities industry has historically been a relatively stable industry. But with an aging workforce, advances in technology and ongoing shifts in regulatory policy, Utility companies are experiencing a significant transformation as well as fierce competition in the race for the best talent.

Building Products


The building products market is shifting rapidly as contractors and architects respond to the changing needs of construction companies and customers. Manufacturers of building materials are in need of visionary talent who can capitalize on modern trends, preferences, and best practices in order to achieve organizational goals.



The Manufacturing industry has undergone massive changes over the last two decades. As baby boomers near retirement, the growing skills gap will continue to be a challenge. Recruiting the best and the brightest talent will determine whether your firm is positioned to meet customer demand, implement new technologies and increase productivity.

General Leadership


Choosing good leaders and managers within your company can often mean the difference between business success and failure. At a time when only 1/3 of American workers aspire to work in leadership positions, how do you find potential candidates that are motivated, enthusiastic, assertive and accountable?

Oil & Gas


With nearly 20 years’ experience recruiting in energy, we have seen firsthand the processing plants, the drill sites and the pipelines that so many employees have made their workplace. We’ve also had the unique opportunity of working within energy companies. We understand how energy talent work and the challenges you face finding great people.