Author: Mason Smith

7 Traits of Successful Technology Sales Leaders


Working in the sales function isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain skill set to find success as a sales manager, director, or CRO. This is especially true when it comes to technology sales. The IT industry is a highly competitive market with products and services at every price point. True sales leaders who can […]


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Understanding SB19-181 and Its Impact on Colorado’s Oil and Gas Regulations


After being signed into law by Governor Jared Polis, Senate Bill 19-181 has sparked uproar and uncertainty across the state of Colorado. Even the Denver Post describes the bill’s passage as something that will dramatically change oil and gas regulations in Colorado. However, not everyone is clear on what this bill actually means. In reality, […]


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A Plan for Progressing Your Executive or Managerial Career


Did career growth seem more straightforward when you were starting out? Entry level roles are often firm in their scope and direction, with a clear path that stems from them. However, as you rise into managerial and executive positions, there is less rigidity. While it’s exciting to open up new potential in a higher-level position, […]


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