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    Refine Search takes the time to get to know your company, its culture, and the great opportunities that lie within your organization.

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    Job Seekers

    Refine Search provides you with job opportunities in Denver and throughout the United States that are great matches for your capabilities and career aspirations.

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    About Us

    Refine Search is committed to helping businesses in Denver and across America find the best talent for their organization while helping candidates achieve their career goals.

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At Refine Search, we don’t try to be all things to all people. We focus on what we do best – locating the right professionals to enhance your team and who have deep expertise in:
While each company and each position is different, every step of the way, our work focuses on addressing your needs.

Welcome to Refine Search, a high-touch Denver executive search firm working with growing and established companies in the Oil and Gas, Utilities, HR, and Manufacturing/CPG sectors. Our principals have over 30 years of deep experience sourcing diverse talent across Engineering, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Finance, and Operations.

Employers: As former talent acquisition leaders, we have worked with good and bad recruiters. We know the value a good Denver executive search firm can bring to an organization and are ready to aggressively pursue the transformational talent your business needs. To be effective, we take the time to not only understand the skills and expertise you require for a particular job, but also the values and personality traits needed to align with your organization’s culture. Refining our search approach and your qualifying criteria are essential to building a high-performing team. We also value our partnership with HR professionals. That’s why we invest in sharing our knowledge through tools, tips, and training.

Job Seekers: We strive to provide you with transformative job opportunities that are a great match for your capabilities and career aspirations. We take the time to learn about your experience, what you are seeking in a new role, and your long-term career goals. We aren’t interested in finding you any job; we want to find you the right job. And since we value communication, we’re never going to leave you in the dark during the process.