What does Good Look Like? 5 Signs that You’ve Spotted a Great Resume


Hiring managers are always trying to recruit the best and brightest talent. And pretty often, it seems like they’ve tasked you with finding a needle in the haystack. Sure, you may be famous for being an efficient resume scanner — it takes most recruiters no more than 6 seconds to decide if the candidate is […]


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Top 5 Qualities That Make an Awesome Recruiter


Having spent a good amount of my time sourcing and screening candidates, I can tell you this — a top recruiter is, in many ways, like a good investigator. Think of master sleuths like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot or your favorite crime thriller “hero”. They’re exceptional at getting information out of people, have brilliant […]


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Don’t let a top candidate slip away: 4 Simple Ways to keep them hooked


If you’ve worked in the recruiting field for awhile, you know that “Time Kills All Deals”. It’s an old saying that simply means that once an opportunity has presented itself, you’d better be ready to pounce, otherwise you will miss out. How many times has this happened? You’ve worked hard to find, engage, interview, and […]


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