Choosing good leaders and managers within your company can often mean the difference between business success and failure. At a time when only 1/3 of American workers aspire to work in leadership positions, how do you find potential candidates who are motivated, enthusiastic, assertive, and accountable?

Refine Search is home to decades of executive and managerial recruitment experience, along with knowledge in tapping into the passive market. We have a proven, repeatable process that ensures we bring you the best, most qualified set of candidates based on your needs, regardless of industry.

While each company and each position is different, our work focuses on addressing your needs every step of the way:

  • VP of Manufacturing
  • General Manager
  • Director of Finance
  • Manager of FP&A
  • Controller
  • Brand Manager
  • Field Marketing Director
  • Field Sales Manager
  • Key Accounts Manager
  • General Counsel
  • VP of HR
  • HR Director
  • Compensation and Benefits Director
  • Talent Acquisition Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Engineering Director
  • Engineering Manager
  • Environmental Manager