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Effectively Managing Executive Age Gaps in the Oil and Gas Industry

Did you know the median age of an oil and gas employee is 42.8 years old, up from 38.6 in 2011? While younger than other industries, it’s a clear trend that the workforce is aging. Combined with a large number of executives beginning to retire, this creates a distinct leadership gap that must be addressed to ensure a company’s long-term success. Let’s take a look at how this unique trend formed and why it affects your succession planning and employee management. A Timeline of Changing Demographics To understand the age gap affecting your company, it’s necessary to look at a […] Read more
When to hire a search firm

How to Know When You Need to Hire a Search Firm

Many employers think of partnering with a search firm as something of a last resort — and one that they don’t normally consider while trying to fill the gaps in their teams. As someone who has spent nearly 18 years in the field of Recruiting and Human Resources, I’ve seen this first hand. Early in my career, I worked for a large government contracting company (which later became Lockheed Martin), where hiring a third-party recruiting firm was considered merely an extra cost that would cut into the company’s profits. I suspect that they didn’t quite realize how much more they […] Read more
Recruiting Trends you can't ignore

Recruiting Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2017

As the competition for skilled talent continues to increase, it’s important to keep up with the trends that will be shaping the recruiting landscape in 2017. According to LinkedIn’s global recruiting trends report, 2017 will be a great year to be in talent acquisition. Talent acquisition leaders will continue to move to the forefront taking a seat at the executive table and proactively help shape the future growth of the company — yet another reason to know trends that should be on your radar this year. Working with our clients over the past year, here are the key trends we’ve […] Read more
How to stand out when recruiting in remote locations

How to Stand Out When Recruiting Top Talent in Remote Locations

With candidates wielding the power in the current job market, companies are having to work a lot harder than before to recruit and retain top talents. But, if you’re out scouting for talent in a remote location, you can expect to feel the heat even more strongly. In my experience of recruiting for rural locations, I’ve always felt that a brand with a strong message has a clear edge over its competitors when it comes to attracting potential candidates. In one of my previous articles, I’ve written about how to create a compelling pitch to sell a remote location to […] Read more
Time to upgrade talent?

Time To Upgrade Talent?

With the oil & gas industry going through a cyclical decline, hiring and recruiting has followed suit. Over the past two years virtually every company — be it an operator, a service company or a midstream company — has undergone rounds of layoffs while many have even gone out of business. But that is doesn’t mean you should halt your recruiting efforts. In fact, we think this may be the right time to consider upgrading or possibly adding a bench hire from the available talent in the market. The goals and objectives for how your company operates probably are not […] Read more
Attract talent in remote locations

How to Create the Right Message to Attract Talent in Remote Locations

A lot of clients come to us with the same problem — they are having a hard time trying to find skilled workers to staff up their rural offices, especially in today’s hot job market. If your business is trying to fill positions for a remote/rural location, it’s a tough feat to find talent with the right skill set along with the desire to relocate. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the top four reasons cited for people to relocate are housing (48%), family (30%), jobs (19%) and other (2%). Simply put, fewer people move because of a job and […] Read more
Transforming Utilities Industry

Recruiting in the Transforming Utilities Landscape 

Anyone who has been in the utilities industry over the past couple of years has heard that there is an ongoing, monumental shift in the way utilities do business. For the past century, utilities have had a relatively stable and unchanging business model. With the industry in the crosshairs of massive transformations, terms like “The Grid of Things,” DER, “Behind the Meter” and “Personalization” are fast replacing terms like “regulated monopoly,” “centralized commodity provider” and “economies of scale” when it comes to describing energy providers. With all of the changes in the industry, it’s up to HR and Recruiting to […] Read more
Working with a search firm

How to Get the Most Out of Working With a Search Firm

We all know that a company’s ability to thrive depends on identifying and hiring great talent. It’s up to the internal recruitment groups to have multiple arrows in their quivers to find these folks and reel them in. I’m talking about a strong advertising strategy/employment brand, a competitive employee referral program, perhaps a LinkedIn recruiter account, just to name a few. Also a great, or a couple of great external vendors that you can rely on to fill high profile, ultra-competitive, or difficult-to-fill roles Working with a search firm allows your organization to obtain dedicated time and resources to help […] Read more

What does Good Look Like? 5 Signs that You’ve Spotted a Great Resume

Hiring managers are always trying to recruit the best and brightest talent. And pretty often, it seems like they’ve tasked you with finding a needle in the haystack. Sure, you may be famous for being an efficient resume scanner — it takes most recruiters no more than 6 seconds to decide if the candidate is worth calling in for an interview. But it all boils down to how you spend those 6 seconds. As the first step in the hiring process, resume screening is extremely critical and can save you a lot of potential headaches, frustrations, and time down the […] Read more

Top 5 Qualities That Make an Awesome Recruiter

Having spent a good amount of my time sourcing and screening candidates, I can tell you this — a top recruiter is, in many ways, like a good investigator. Think of master sleuths like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot or your favorite crime thriller “hero”. They’re exceptional at getting information out of people, have brilliant observation skills, they’re curious, and they don’t give up until they get to the bottom of every case. Curiosity, to me, is the most important trait of all. A recruiter has to be curious about what companies to target, what companies train and develop employees […] Read more